We provide Quality products. Digital Electronic Instrument passed through latest testing procedures and equipments. Our products have best quality, perfect performance and durability with easy and effortless operations.

Innovation and adaptation have been the areas of expertise of our company.

In combination with the engineering skills, this provides a unique insight for the manufacture of digital products. Digital has made many changes during last decade using latest technology with a view to achieving zero maintenance.

All the major electronics and electrical parts are verified by the quality control center. All the parts like mechanical fittings, painting & panel printing are verified before use. All the tested parts go to the assembly line for production and are again verified as per design and then are sent for testing. These semi- finished products are tested & calibrated on standard instruments. All products are kept for at least 12 to 24 hours burning. The instruments are carefully packed and send to stores.

We accept suggestion from user which in turn improves the products.

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